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Research Projects

A central focus of Larsen’s research program and that of the Sedimentology and Paleoclimate lab at Occidental College aims to develop high-resolution records of Earth surface processes and climate variability using sedimentary archives. Lake sediments provide valuable archives of past climate-driven environmental changes (e.g., glacier fluctuations, droughts, vegetative changes, fire occurrence) and tectonic-driven disturbances (e.g. earthquakes, landslides) through the constant accumulation of sediment. Similarly, soils provide records of terrestrial land surface conditions, including aeolian erosion and disturbances related to human activity and volcanism. Our research falls into five broad categories: Sedimentary Geology, Paleoclimate, Glacier Geology, Lacustrine Paleoseismology, and Arctic and Alpine Systems Change. Click on the links below to explore our past and ongoing projects in these sub-disciplines.

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Research: Publications
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